Manufacturer of eyelets and grommets

At FIPO we have modern facilities, driven by the most advanced technology, and a set of machinery specialized in the manufacture of eyelets and grommets.

Our capacity and equipment allow us to mass-produce these components with exceptional precision, meeting the most demanding industry standards.

Examples of our work

Professional eyelets and grommets manufacturers

We stand out for our ability to adjust and adapt to the individual needs of each client. In the production of various industrial products, we use a wide range of specialized machinery,

Excellence in our production

Using precision machinery and advanced techniques, our company applies specialized knowledge to manufacture eyelets and grommets with maximum accuracy.

At every stage of the process, we are committed to ensuring the quality and precision needed to meet the exacting demands of the industry.

Stages of our methodology

We analyze the project

A specialized team will analyze the project in order to take all the needs into account

We will write down all the ideas and detail a plan of action.

We launch a 100% customized eyelets and grommets plan.


Once we have analyzed and finalized the plan and timings, we start the work.


Eyelets and grommets are components used in the manufacture of garments, fabric accessories, tarpaulins, curtains and other textile products. Eyelets are metal, plastic or other material rings that are placed in the fabric to reinforce or protect holes, while eyelets are pieces that are placed around these holes to protect the edges and provide greater strength and durability.

The most common materials used to manufacture eyelets and grommets include metal (such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum), plastic (such as nylon or polyethylene) and textile materials (such as reinforced fabric or leather). The choice of material depends on several factors, such as the required strength, the environment of use and aesthetic considerations.

Eyelets and grommets have a wide range of applications in the textile and apparel industry. They are used in garments, such as jackets, pants, shoes and bags, to reinforce eyelets for laces, buttons or belts. They are also used in the manufacture of tarpaulins, curtains, awnings, tents and other products that require reinforced holes to allow the passage of ropes, rods or other fasteners.

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