Metal embossing

A group of highly trained experts is in charge of starting the operations with the dies in our presses, installing the metal coils in our uncoiling devices, performing the necessary inspections to meet the specific quality standards of each component, and producing according to the previously defined manufacturing guidelines.

Some of our work

Stamping of parts

We have an area specialized in the production of metal components, using automated or sequential embossing methods. Thanks to our advanced equipment, we have the capacity to perform cutting, bending, embossing and drawing of parts from 40 tons to 250 tons.

Quality of service

We specialize in the transformation of sheets or coils of various metallic materials, using our own dies to shape the parts by cold compression. In addition, we have the ability to perform hot embossing, applying high temperatures to create exceptional parts.

Phases of the embossing process

We analyze the project

A specialized team will analyze the project in detail in order to provide the best solutions to all needs.

We set the direction for your project

We establish a plan to satisfy them according to the parts embossing service.

We start the work

Once we have analyzed and planned what is needed, we start manufacturing according to the agreed volume and timing.

Frequently asked questions about metal embossing

We work with different materials: Steel, Iron, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Zamac, Stainless…

Yes, we do cold rolling.

Our optimized machinery guarantees efficient, fast deliveries with a capacity of more than 8000 strokes per hour.

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