Our history

Our company was created in the year 1944 by Mr. Ramón Figuerola; his dedication over time has led him to be followed by 2 generations up to the present day.

We work and have worked for almost all sectors of the metallurgical industry: lighting, cleaning and services, automotive, decoration, textile, hospitality, and a long etcetera. Helping large international companies and brands to provide our services to help them manufacture their designs and products. Fipo has been able to endure over time with dedication and hard work. Our efficiency and competitiveness allow us to export to different countries around the world.

Located in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona; with approximately 2000 m2 of surface with all types of machinery for the handling, assembly and transformation of metal, we have inaugurated a new headquarters in January 2021 in SANT JUST DESVERN, we are characterized by the dedication of the processes, a quick response time and personalized attention to our customers.

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More than 80 years of history, a great background in the sector and multiple clients that endorse us.