Our technicians and engineers are experts in a variety of disciplines within the automotive and manufacturing industry, allowing us to offer tailor-made solutions. Whether it is deep drawing and stamping processes, laser cutting, welding or riveting, CNC punching or bending techniques, our specialists are prepared to design projects that guarantee the best results.

At FIPO, we enrich metal handling processes to achieve full customer satisfaction by adding unparalleled value.

We have a team of highly qualified technical professionals and expert collaborators dedicated to ensuring the successful industrialization of technologically advanced components from the outset. At FIPO, we bring a differential value to metal handling processes, always prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers.

FIPO’s technicians and engineers are specialized in several areas within the metallurgical sector, which allows us to provide customized solutions. From deep drawing and stamping to laser cutting, welding or riveting, punching or bending operations, our experts design projects that promise optimum results.

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