Molds and tooling

We create and manufacture our own molds and tools, which gives us intrinsic reliability and safety in our production processes. We specialize in the manufacture of precision dies with rigorous standards in terms of tolerances.

With a highly qualified team, our tooling section enables us to perform preventive and corrective maintenance, ensuring reliability in each step of the manufacturing process and guaranteeing an immediate response to any eventuality that may arise during production.

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Metal mold and die making work

In our die and mold making department, we have an array of advanced technologies including wire erosion machines (EDM), die sinking machines, machining centers, grinding machines and milling machines. These tools enable us to build spare parts efficiently and in advance, ensuring an agile and proactive response to our customers’ needs.

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In the mass production of metal parts from molds or dies, the design and construction of these tools are crucial. We are dedicated to the mass production of parts using dies, but we also specialize in the creation and design of these dies to ensure optimal results and customized to the needs of our customers.

What is the process like?

We analyze the situation at the technical level

Our team will analyze all the technical requirements of the job.

We map the work route

We establish the work route to be followed to achieve the expected results.

We start the work

We initiate the entire chain of work until successful completion.

Frequently asked questions about molds and tooling

Machines such as milling machines, filing machines and large industrial lathes are used to cut and process various types of sheet metal.

It is vital because of its ability to create accurate dies, ensuring reliability and safety in the production process, as well as allowing the efficient production of large series.

It allows to produce parts without chips, with perfect finishes and high production speed, being ideal for industries that require large series.

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