The sheet metal bending technique, also known as folding, is a process that facilitates the forming of sheet metal with high precision to achieve the desired shape of the component.

This method requires the use of specialized machinery and expert knowledge in the operation of CNC press brakes.

The complexity of this process lies in its ability to generate bends in the sheet metal, which are essential to improve the strength and stiffness of the metal structure.

Examples of our work

Stamping of parts

We have a wide capacity to bend sheets, thanks to our variety of machinery that allows us to perform bending jobs with very tight tolerances. In collaboration with our tooling department, we create and build special tools for use in our bending machines when a part needs it.

Quality of service

We have a highly trained professional team, both engineers and operators specialized in metal bending. CNC press brakes require a thorough understanding of the specific properties of the metal, including its hardness and strength.

The use of CNC metal bending machines allows us to optimize the cost of the metal parts we manufacture, offering high precision bending at competitive prices.

What is the folding process like?

V-bending of sheet metal

Use of a punch to exert pressure on specific points of the sheet metal

We set the direction for your project

Deformation of the sheet metal with a variety of angles, allowing to bend parts in multiple configurations.

Folding by stamping

A bending method that involves the use of stamping presses to obtain high-speed, precision bends.

Frequently asked questions about sheet metal bending

Our bending processes are developed through CAD-CAM programming, ensuring the precision and quality of the metal parts.

For more information, you can consult our website or contact us directly to resolve your questions about the sheet metal bending process.

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