Metal stamping

In our modern facilities, we have a set of machinery specialized in the metal drawing process. Thanks to our optimized infrastructure, we have the capacity to carry out mass production of large quantities of precision-formed parts, meeting the exacting standards of the deep-drawing industry.

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Metal stamping service

We have a sector dedicated to the manufacture of metal components by means of stamping, both automated and sequential. Our advanced machinery allows us to perform cutting, bending, stamping and drawing of parts with capacities ranging from 40 to 250 tons.

Quality metal stamping

At FIPO, we take metal drawing to another level, offering quality in all our solutions. Our works are precise, durable and customized solutions that propel our clients’ projects into the future. From one-off prototypes to mass production, every project is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Metal drawing process

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Frequently asked questions about metal drawing

In our metal stamping service, we handle a wide range of high quality materials, adapting to each project. We work with carbon steel for strength, stainless steel for durability and aesthetics, aluminum for light weight, copper for electrical conductivity, brass for a combination of properties, and special alloys for specific requirements.

Cold metal drawing is a metal forming process that transforms metal discs or parts by pressing them in a press over a mold. This method creates hollow parts and is effective for manufacturing thin metal components with high dimensional requirements, using plastic deformation, drawing and upsetting transformations.

During the drawing process, creases are prevented by a clamping device that presses the disc against the die, ensuring precise forming of the hollow part without unwanted deformations.

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